Four arrested for the murder of a policeman

They recorded pornographic material to be used for commercialization.

The Cicpc reported the arrest of two men and two women, allegedly linked to the murder of a police officer from the Piar municipality (Aragua de Maturín), Monagas state. The apprehension of another seven people is pending.  

For this homicide, the scientific police captured Yosmaris del Valle Leonise Rondón (28), Cruzmaris Carolina Mariño Peinado (22), Jesús Eduardo López Cortez (36) and Jesús Miguel López Cortez (20) in Maturín (Mon).  

These detainees are members of the criminal group El Willita, who on March 22 attacked a police commission that patrolled the Chaguaramal sector, Aragua de Maturín (Mon).

The subjects fired .45 caliber bullets that pierced the vest of officer Eduardo Yánez (31) and wounded another uniformed man and a 13-year-old youth. Yánez received four gunshot wounds, which warranted his transfer to the Manuel Núñez Tovar hospital where he died 48 hours after his admission.   



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