Alias ​​El Chapulín fell dejected

Two members of criminal groups were killed after confronting officials of the Bolivarian National Guard (GNB) in Lara and Bolívar, according to reports.

One of those killed is identified as Wilmer Baldovino Amaya, a member of the Los Migueleros gang, which operates in the Los Naranjillos sector, Barquisimeto-Acarigua highway where they usually place obstacles to cause the arrest of vehicles that later proceed to dock.

Precisely in the aforementioned road artery, the subjects were surprised by agents of the National Anti-Extortion and Kidnapping Command (Conas), No. 12 where an armed confrontation occurred, as a result of which Baldovino Amaya was killed, who possessed a straw without a mark or visible serial numbers.

And in the Valle Verde sector, municipality of El Callao (Bolívar), agents of the Detachment of Rural Commands No. 622 of the GNB confronted members of the criminal organization El Perú. One of the criminals was killed at the site. He is Jonathan José Alexander Jaramillo, alias El Chapulín.

At the site of the confrontation, the military collected a Glock pistol, caliber 9mm, without visible serial numbers, two magazines, 38 rounds of caliber 9mm and a fragmentary grenade.

The Public Ministry was notified of the procedure.


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