FANB continues to hunt down Colombian irregulars

Olys Guarate / Eligio Rojas. Within the framework of the Bolivarian Shield operation 2021, The Strategic Operational Commander of the Bolivarian National Armed Forces (FANB), A / J Remigio Ceballos Ichaso reported that the military personnel assigned to the National Defense System are deployed in search of Colombian armed irregular groups to reinforce the work that is being undertaken in the fight against transnational crimes such as paramilitarism, drug trafficking and any other that they intend to carry out in our territory.

Currently, the Fanb together with police officers attached to the Special Actions Force (Faes) are fighting against irregular groups that seek to control the Apure-Colombia border crossing.

Through his official account of the social network Twitter @CeballosIchaso, the CEOFANB Commander, wrote: “of those Colombian drug traffickers, bandits murderers of our Commander Brothers, to bring them to the order of the National Justice and bring the shadow to their heels and the law! Sagacious sight! Lightning Impact! PANAJPE ENERUU MORUKAJPO PARIPU! ”. During the first hours of combat, which occurred at dawn on March 21, Lieutenant Colonel Edward Corobo and Captain Yonathán Duarte were killed.

Then, as the hours passed, nine wounded soldiers were known, among whom is Lieutenant Colonel Luis Daniel Chitty Marcano (42), commander of the Detachment of Rural Commands 355, based in the Y de los Curitos, located on the highway national via Elorza-Guasdualito. He presented generalized polytrauma and trauma to the right parietal region with a possible foreign body. Captain (Ex) Roberto Jesús Pérez Palma (34), from the 92nd Caribbean Brigade, located in Guasdualito, was also injured. Originally, he was diagnosed with generalized polytrauma, a wound in the distal region of the lower right limb and a wound in the posterior region of the left arm. Both are in a stable health study, says a report from the regional health center where they were transferred, to which we had access at the time.

On the other hand, the other seven military personnel that complete the list of the nine wounded were admitted to the military hospital in San Cristóbal (Táchira). They are: Antony Guillermo Vento Jiménez, Eli Armando Bermejo Hernández, Francisco Javier Esqueda Sánchez, Jesús Antonio Pérez Blanco, Vicente Eriberto Rojas Peña, Fabricio Antonio Gómez Rangel and Adrián Alexander Escalante Pernía. Photographs of those first skirmishes that occurred nine days ago were obtained this Monday by the UN in which military and police officers injured by firearms and unconventional mines made with R1 explosive can be seen, according to experts consulted.

Likewise, A / J Remigio Ceballos highlighted that the FANB continues to carry out actions in defense of national sovereignty and preventing illegal groups from trying to operate from Venezuelan territory. “We continue to give strong blows to these GRIACOLT (irregular armed Colombian terrorist groups) drug traffickers. We are just beginning, raising the force in all areas of the national territory and also in the irregular fight against all threats! "

He emphasized that the military force continues to act forcefully in the face of the incursion of criminal gangs, after the dismantling of Colombian armed groups after the arrest of 32 members of irregular groups that operated in the La Coromoto sector, Rafael Urdaneta parish of the José Antonio Páez municipality, state Apure, from whom weapons, ammunition, explosives, war supplies, vehicles and drugs were seized.

This Monday, Defense Minister Vladimir Padrino López confirmed that fighting persists in Apure between units of the Fanb and Colombian irregular groups, who are motivated by the drug trafficking business, according to his analysis.

At 6:20 pm on Monday, the head of the military portfolio reported, through his Twitter, that “Colombian irregular groups attack us with explosives and long weapons. They continue to instill terror in the population and believe that by harassing military bases they will intimidate us. They cross the river, make their skirmishes and return to Colombia with the protection of their authorities ”.

Then Padrino López launched another tweet. “They are cowards. When they are captured they cry and ask for forgiveness, they accuse each other and betray each other. They are a strange species of chameleonic and heartless mercenaries, motivated by drug trafficking who intend to do here what they do in Colombia. THEY WILL NOT BE ABLE! ”, Wrote Padrino López. Earlier, UN obtained information on an attack on an Army unit in El Ripial (Apu) with the death of three soldiers.

Regarding this conflict, the Ceofanb commander had already indicated last Sunday that "this threat that is presented in the Apure state has been studied, at the moment we have control of all those spaces." Ceballos stressed that "we remain in enveloping actions throughout the Apure state."



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