Two ammunition suppliers were arrested

The Bolivarian National Guard detained two individuals who allegedly are engaged in providing ammunition to criminal groups that operate in Sucre and Anzoátegui, according to military reports. The subjects possessed a total of 223 ammunition.  

One of the detainees is identified as Frederick José Palacios Hernández, who was moving on foot near the Playa Pintada Citizen Service Point, Anzoátegui and Miranda limits.  

Palacios Hernández carried a bag containing 187 cartridges of different calibers, four Kevlar (material to make bulletproof vests), a vest lining and a cell phone.   

The other detainee is Oswaldo Antonio Figueroa Morey, alias El Grillo, who was arrested in the La Casimba sector, Sucre (Cumaná) municipality, Sucre. The man possessed 36 7,62X51 caliber cartridges that fit rifles. 

Palacios and Figueroa were handed over to the Public Ministry for criminal prosecution for illicit possession of war weapon ammunition, among other crimes. 



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