Couple steals in the noses of the police stationed in El Valle

According to witnesses, a man and a woman keep passengers at the El Valle station of the Caracas Metro in distress.  

In the last two weeks the robber couple has committed 15 robberies. They use a handgun that is normally carried by the man, while the woman takes the victim by the arms. The criminal boarding is carried out at the entrance door of the aforementioned station where there are two officers of the Bolivarian National Police (PNB) police officers permanently guarding it.   

By having the victim subdued, the woman speaks to him in a low voice demanding that he hand over his goods, mostly cell phones. This Wednesday morning, a university student was applied the technique. He struggled and received a blow to the head. 

Faced with this attitude of the victim, the subjects ran towards Cajigal Street, located in front of the El Valle Shopping Center. The victim tried to file the complaint with the police officer who was a few meters away, but he replied that it was impossible for this act to be committed there. 


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