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Controlled riots at checkpoints in Zulia and Monagas

The judicial system holds sessions aimed at speeding up criminal proceedings for inmates

Two violent situations with prisoners arose during the last hours in Zulia and Monagas; alterations that were controlled through dialogue actions, sources from the judicial system said.

One of the situations was reported early this Sunday inside the New Winnie Mandela Man Training Center, the former Sabaneta prison, located in Maracaibo (Zulia). From there, a group of prisoners tried to escape and the Bolivarian National Guard (GNB) prevented it.

The military containment action caused a group of inmates to mount the plaque of the building.

For approximately a week now, this group of prisoners held at the Winni Mandela have been carrying out several escape attempts, which have been frustrated by the measures taken in the external areas that correspond to the GNB and internally, by the Immediate Response Group of the Ministry of Penitentiary Service.  

During that week the judicial system held a day aimed at speeding up the criminal proceedings of the Winni Mandela inmates. In the middle of that day, 23 prisoners were released, a source explained.

And at the Polimonagas Detainee Guarantee Center, 130 relatives were taken hostage by prisoners, in protest at the delay in holding their trials. 318 inmates live at that police checkpoint.  

This Sunday morning, the 130 hostages were released after a dialogue table was set up with the presence of prisoners and police and judicial authorities.

Among the officials participating in the dialogue table, Lissette Matute, Simón Castillo (Ombudsman's Office), Henry Pineda (Prosecutor's Office), Anyelis Marcano (criminal judge), Carlos Boza (Bolivarian National Intelligence Service), Wilmer Agreda (expert mediator) stand out. of the Bolivarian National Police), Eduardo Alberto Almerida Padrón (Secretary of Citizen Security and Director of Polimonagas), deputies Omar Farias and Euribes Guevara (Presidential Commission for the Judicial Revolution).

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