Cicpc investigates complaints of torture in the Caucagua delegation

The Cicpc directive ordered an investigation to be opened to determine responsibility for alleged torture applied to a group of detainees in the Caucagua municipal delegation (Miranda).  

In this sense, the director of the scientific police, Commissioner General Douglas Rico, released a statement in which he states that he received complaints "about alleged inappropriate acts" in the aforementioned delegation.  

“For the Cicpc, Human Rights are inherent to its action protocols. A deviant conduct of one or more officials does not represent the institution, ”says the statement. 

The police chief recalled that they created the Victim Assistance Directorate “to give the Venezuelan people the opportunity to report all types of abuse by one or more of its members; zero tolerance for those who seek to violate the rights of citizens ”. 

Rico made his office and social networks available to serve "those who have really been victims of a crime."  


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