Cicpc has dismantled 395 gangs so far in 2021

The director of the detective body made a review of the actions in this 2021

The General Commissioner of the Scientific, Criminal and Criminal Investigations Corps (Cicpc), Douglas Rico offered a balance of the actions undertaken by this detective body during this 2021 in its fight against the criminal gangs that operate in the country.

In an interview on the Radio of the Ministry for Internal Relations, Justice and Peace (Mipj Radio), the official indicated that to date 395 gangs that committed criminal actions in various areas of the national territory have been dismantled.

He also highlighted that as a result of the actions of the Cicpc, 9.338 people involved in various crimes have been arrested, as well as the seizure of 958 firearms and 2,010 ammunition.

He stressed that to date 2,072 vehicles and 262 motorcycles have been recovered thanks to the operations carried out by this police force.

"We are minimizing crimes in a joint effort between all citizen security agencies, in perfect coordination with Firefighters, and Civil Protection in prevention," he said.

He also referred to the aid program for officials implemented by Minister Carmen Meléndez and argued that the Guardians of the Homeland Mission has allowed us to integrate to ensure the protection of state and municipal police, the Cicpc and prevention agencies.

Fly with the scams

Regarding computer crimes and scams through electronic means, Rico recalled that the most frequent are deceptive offers with foreign currency and the violation of emails, which is why he urged the population to be vigilant and avoid falling victim to these criminals.

"The Cicpc alerts about messages by WhatsApp with the name of María, Juan, Pedro with an offer to buy and sell foreign currency, which are a scam," he stressed.

He stressed that as part of the actions to guarantee the protection of children and adolescents regarding the use of social networks, the Cicpc develops a program called "Don't get tangled up with networks", aimed at providing guidance on the use of these social media tools. communication 2.0.



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