Cicpc alerts false sales of vaccines by whatsapp

The Cicpc warned about false vaccine sales through WhatsApp messages. The Computer Crimes Brigade of the scientific police published a report on its Instagram site where it suggested that citizens block the number and delete the message that a person with the name of “María” is sending in a massive way.

The message that this “woman” usually sends reads like this: “Hello, it's Maria and I wanted to tell you that I have quotas to get vaccinated. I have few available ”.

The misleading offer is launched precisely when from social networks they demand that the Government initiate a massive vaccination against the coronavirus.

Faced with this situation, the Cicpc called to be alert. "Please do not lend yourself to exchange messages," recommended Informative Crimes of the Cicpc from where it is noted that by falling into this modality, fraudsters are facilitated to obtain personal data such as bank accounts of potential victims, among others.



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