They caught an extortionist through controlled delivery of foreign currency

A subject who kept another person in extortion, was caught by means of a controlled delivery of foreign currency, according to an account obtained in military premises.  

The procedure was carried out by members of the National Anti-Extortion and Kidnapping Command (Conas) No. 12 of the Bolivarian National Guard in the Carabalí sector, Palavecino municipality (Cabudare), Lara state.  

The operation was designed as a result of a complaint made by a person who received calls demanding a large sum in dollars. The military simulated a delivery of the currency demanded by the criminal to proceed with his capture.

Indeed, on the day of the controlled delivery, the Conas troops detained Yonatan Moisés Rodríguez Cordero, who was traveling in a Ford Explorer pickup, without a license plate. 

The subject was seized a Glock firearm, model 17, serial FRC346, five 9 mm caliber cartridges, a cell phone and a yellow envelope (pseudo package), which simulated the payment of extortion. Rodríguez Cordero was handed over to the Public Ministry where he will be charged with the crimes of kidnapping, extortion and illegal possession of a firearm.   



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