They arrested 11 fuel smugglers

Eleven individuals engaged in fuel smuggling were detained in La Guaira by members of the Bolivarian National Guard.  

The procedure was carried out in Playa Grande, Vargas municipality, La Guaira. There, the military assigned to the 45th Coastal Surveillance Division, retained 7 thousand liters of diesel that was transported in the Los Anthony vessel, registration ARSH-PE-0285.  

During the operation the occupants of the boat were detained, identified as Richard José Vásquez Hernández, Jhonder Luis Lares Marcano, Asmar José Narváez Antoima, Franklin Jesús Rodríguez Rodríguez, Reidy Alexander Gómez Larez, Carlos Alberto Sanoja Gutiérrez, Eukeiro José Lujo García, Ángel Tomas Carreño González, Armando José Rodríguez Velásquez, Halmer Hernández González and Fraben Fabien Xavier Mohamed.  

The detainees are part of a criminal group called Los Wuila, according to investigations. They were handed over to the Public Ministry where they opened a file for alleged illegal marketing of fuel.