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Anti-Corruption Police Arrested Deputy Hugbel Roa

He is being investigated for acts of corruption that occurred in Petróleos de Venezuela (PDVSA)

The National Anti-Corruption Police arrested deputy Hugbel Roa (Psuv-Trujillo) this Sunday afternoon.

The Trujillo parliamentarian and former Minister of Higher Education is being investigated for acts of corruption that occurred in Petróleos de Venezuela (PDVSA), according to sources in the judicial system.

Roa is associated with PDVSA subsidiaries, specifically Petrocedeño, a mixed state with shareholdings from France and Norway. "To speak with the president of Petrocedeño, you had to go through Hugbel," said a source linked to the industry. 

Earlier this same Sunday, the Public Ministry reported the appointment of five national prosecutors to investigate acts of corruption in which public officials are involved.

These are Prosecutors 50, 67, 69, 85 and 94 with jurisdiction over corruption, organized crime, human rights and full jurisdiction.


  1. The same premises that the laws contemplate for drug traffickers must be applied to the corrupt, all their assets must be confiscated and made available to the State. Since it is very cool, you pay 3, or 2, or 1 years in prison and leave Don't worry, enjoy what you stole, that must definitely change

  2. Corruption is a cultural fact in our Latin American countries, easy money, indolence, dishonesty, cheating, the chimbo business, Venezuelan vivacity, getting rich without working is very common in our minds, hopefully prosecutors and judges Don't end up bought, because there is also corruption there, and where so much money moves, anything can happen, here the monkey dances for money...

  3. This deputy does not work alone, let's not fall for lies, he belongs to a gang, and what is worse, he is the weakest, we must go higher, we must put an end to corruption, it is not removing him from the position where he is, but to put him in jail, and have him pay with jail for what he stole, and treat the accomplices the same way,

  4. We are clear that these acts of corruption go beyond what it is about investigating. There are many instructions involved in these ignoble acts, for which there is no forgiveness.

  5. Bravo president, for dismantling those corruption mafias that affect the process and the country

  6. It is refreshing news that falls very well in decent Venezuela, the anti-corruption Venezuela that has seen for many years how impunity reigns in Public Entities without finding guilty; hopefully this does not become a media show to later see these Characters happily living in South Florida. Strong Hand President!

  7. ...the fight against corruption must be constant and no government has done it...I'm talking about 1956 here...the mayors, (Palavecino), the Governors, I fall short, are sources of corruption...


  9. This is how the President should be with a tough hand against the corrupt disguised as ique chavista

  10. A video is circulating on social networks where a woman removes the factory label from a can of sardines with an expiration date of 2,025, and the original date is 2,018, if it is not a setup, an act of corruption is evident. and even worse, someone could be sick

  11. An investigation should be carried out and not give him freedom to flee the country if he is guilty apart from this man there are many more.

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