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Prisoner accused of abusing 3 girls

Jonas David Fermín was denounced by the stepfather of the victims who told him what happened

Jonas David Fermín Oquendo, 21 years old, was captured by members of the Police Coordination Center No. 13 La Cañada, Zulia state, after being accused of sexually abusing three girls, each six years old, according to the stepfather's complaint. of one of the little girls before the police.

According to the general director of the Zulia state Police Corps, Roberto Antonio Alfaro, one of the girls confessed to her relatives that Fermín, close to the family, touched her and her friends' private parts, and forced them to touch him. to him his member. He “told the girls that if they didn't tell anything about what they did secretly, he would buy them toys.”

Once the complaint was known, the police captured, in the Los Pozos sector of La Cañada de Urdaneta, Fermín Oquendo, who was taken into custody at the Zulia state Police Corps delegation.

The case is being handled by the Zulia Prosecutor's Office 33, which will be in charge of directing the investigation and establishing the criminal responsibilities of the case.

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