A boy and his grandmother die when a truck hits their house

The incident occurred in the town of Calderas, Bolívar municipality of Barinas state

An eight-year-old boy and his grandmother lost their lives in their home after a cattle cage-type truck crashed into the residence where they were both. The fatal accident was registered in the morning of this Wednesday, in Calderas, Bolívar municipality of Barinas state.

Police sources reported that the victims were identified as Alejandra Rivas de Terán (85) and Santiago Andrés Pérez Rivas (8).

According to the preliminary report of the authorities, the white cargo vehicle, Chevrolet brand, ran out of brakes, so the driver lost control of the steering wheel and collided with the property, seriously injuring the old woman and the minor. .

Police and fire departments came to the site to help the victims; however, both suffered irreversible injuries and died during the transfer to the hospital.

Commissions of the Bolivarian National Police are in charge of investigating the case to determine the causes and the responsibility of the driver.



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