Alleged matricide catched in Guarenas

The captured is under the command of the Public Ministry. Photo: courtesy Poliplaza

A man who allegedly murdered his mother and buried her in the courtyard of her home, was caught early Wednesday morning by officials of the Plaza Municipal Police, Miranda state, in the Dos Plantas de Oropeza Castillo de Guarenas sector.

Major (A) Oscar Henríquez, director of the security agency, reported that the apprehension resulted from the intelligence work carried out jointly with the officials of the Corps of Criminal and Criminal Scientific Investigations.

Luis Eduardo Pérez Ibáñez, 26, was in the company of two other men in the house where he was hiding, when they saw the uniformed men. The trio ran to try to evade the police, but they caught up with him and transferred him to the command, where he is behind bars.

The Poliplaza director said that the fourth prosecutor of the Public Ministry, Engimar Pérez, was notified of the apprehension. Pérez Ibáñez's companions are related to the crime of outrage.

Luis Pérez Ibáñez is identified as the killer of his mother Kuit Teresa Ibáñez, 54, on July 29. The body was found by her sisters in the courtyard of the house where she lived in the El Carpintero neighborhood of Petare, Sucre municipality.



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