"We are not drug traffickers, we are rice producers"

Maruja Delgado, a rice producer from Guarica, called the newspaper's office to ensure that it has no relationship with drug trafficking groups.  

Delgado's clarification comes from a note published in Últimas Noticias on September 8, related to the location of an allegedly illegal track on the property of the Las Margaritas farm, located in the La Candelaria hamlet, Francisco de Miranda municipality in the city of Calabozo, Guárico.  

"We are not drug traffickers, we are corn producers," said Delgado, owner of the aforementioned farm where they currently harvest the rice planted on 120 hectares. “Here we use the rural roads to take off the planes that are going to fumigate the rice fields; that has been done all our life ”, clarified Delgado, who denied that his brother Eulices Delgado was detained.  

“The rural people (agents of the Bolivarian National Guard) were around here, doing a routine check and asking where there were clues; they interrogated my brother and that's it, ”said the rice producer, referring to the area where the military carried out the inspection, a territory where there are several plots planted with rice.  

The information published in ÚN is based on reports obtained from the Bolivarian National Guard.   


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