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Two policemen killed in clashes with El Coqui gang

Two officials of the Bolivarian National Police (PNB) died while participating in the public security deployment aimed at containing the criminal group that operates from Cota 905.   

One of the deceased is Fernando Rodríguez Agudelo (41), head of the Antimano police station, who was wounded with a firearm to the head when he was in El Cementerio, which warranted his transfer to the Periférico de Coche hospital where he died within hours pm.  

The other deceased uniformed man is Jader José Cortez Salas, also wounded during the skirmish between policemen and bandits who acted in El Cementerio. He also died in the suburb of Coche.  

While the added supervisor Ángel Peraza, who was injured by a firearm at the fibula level. He was taken to the Car Peripheral where he remains stable, according to reports.   

Wounded The Vampi 

  • In the afternoon, it was reported that Carlos Calderón Martínez, alias El Vampi, founder of the Banda del Coqui, named after the nickname of Carlos Revette, was injured. These leaders have their bunker in Las Quintas where they have a weapons park. 
  • Between Wednesday and Thursday, seven people died as a result of the shootings carried out by members of the Coqui gang. Among those killed by firearms are Maikel Alexander Alvarado, Giovanni Bracamonte and Pablo José Díaz.  
  • The luceros (vigilantes) of the criminal organization that operates from Cota 905 were ordered to mobilize the residents to cacerolear and protest against the police operation deployed in the area.  
  • Through the alleys El León, Las Luces, La Capilla, which connect to the main one of the Cemetery, several armored vehicles climbed to confront the bandits. Coqui associates discovered the matter and notified the members of the band by radio.   
  • Gariteros from the Coqui gang tried to intercept an armored vehicle in La Vuelta del Macho (upper part of El Cementerio) but the maneuver was difficult.  
  • Social networks were flooded since the morning of this Thursday with videos of the police deployment and audios of criminals giving various instructions to their followers to contain the operation. Detonations were reported throughout the day in various sectors of the southwest of Caracas.  
  • The Minister of Interior, Justice and Peace, Carmen Meléndez, is in her office with vice ministers and directors of security forces monitoring the situation. From her office a press conference was called which was later suspended "because the operation is ongoing."   
  • "The State, fulfilling its constitutional functions, has decided to carry out an operation with the Citizen Security organizations, to restore Peace and tranquility in the communities of the South and West of the city of Caracas," the Minister wrote at 6 : 07 pm this Thursday.  
  • One of the videos disseminated by the networks shows a group of officials from the Special Actions Force (Faes) in the Las Quintas sector, border between La Vega and La Cota 905. 
  • They also reported that Faes agents took the cockpit, where the Coqui gang usually holds gallistic challenges with bets in foreign currency, according to witnesses.