Two cyclists died after being run over in Cumaná

The driver of a Toyota Yaris vehicle fled after running over two athletes who were doing their cycling routines, as was customary, every weekend. The incident occurred early this Sunday, on Av. Rotaria de Cumaná, in Sucre state.

Giussepe Lorgio and Jesús Blanco were the fatal victims of the accident.

The car was found abandoned in a 'chivera' in the Brazilian community, which is why security agencies continue to work in the search for the person responsible for the accident.

One minute of 'manilleo'

The movement of cyclists that make life in the city, held a massive meeting in the La Copita sector, to demand justice for what happened.

Among all they paid tribute to their colleagues with a 'one minute of handling', remembering that beyond the bicycle there is a person who is also a father, brother and son.

"The bicycle is a means of transport and who drives it is a citizen who deserves the same respect as a driver of any vehicle," said one of the members of the movement.

The group requested more awareness on the part of the population and that events like these cannot occur even once more in any corner of the country.



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