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Three PNB will be presented for attempted homicide

The incident occurred in the Antímano parish, where PNB officials fired shots at a group of motorized vehicles.

In the next few hours, the three officials of the Bolivarian National Police will be presented by the Public Ministry, who allegedly attacked a group of motorcyclists in Antímano, wounding in the head a 17-year-old young man, who is in serious health.

Regarding the case, the 94th Prosecutor's Office with national jurisdiction in matters of Human Rights was commissioned to investigate the event, as reported in his account on the social network X by the Attorney General of the Republic, Tarek William Saab.

The 17-year-old teenager, identified as EFM, was traveling on a motorcycle during the night hours of May 26, when a commission made up of officials assigned to the PNB, “wielded their firearms, carrying out multiple attacks.” shots, managing to seriously injure said young man in the head region, which is why he is in poor health," said Saab.

Three PNB agents, belonging to the Unit Against Criminal Gangs, based in El Junquito, are detained for these events.

They are: Leudis Armando Freitas Ulloas, Emerson Jhorjan Delgado Azuaje and Henrique José Pacheco Medina, who, in the next few hours, will be presented before the court of the case, for the crimes of homicide qualified in degree of frustration and improper use of an organic weapon .

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