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Equipment stolen from the Pablo Acosta Ortiz Hospital in Apure

The machine room of the main health center in the region, Hospital Pablo Acosta Ortiz (Hpao) was the victim of criminal acts, at dawn on Sunday, January 2.

The only health authority in Apure, Dr. Darling Marín, highlighted the fact as a terrorist act by criminals who entered violently, stealing equipment that is indispensable and necessary for the health of the people of Apure.

Marín went to the facilities of the Pablo Acosta Ortiz Hospital (Hpao) and reported that “the public health system has been the victim of hatred, where two 2 Kva batteries from the power plant that turn on the air conditioners of the hospital have been stolen from the hospital. fifth floor where the Intensive Care Unit works, 75 1 HP pump that supplies the direct dialysis unit and 3 1 HP pump that is used to discharge diesel fuel ».

"The health of the people of Apure is a priority for our government," said Marín, highlighting that this criminal act will be investigated in depth, whoever falls.

"We call on all the people of a hurry to repudiate this act of sabotage at the most important hospital of our entity that threatens the health of the people," said Governor Eduardo Piñate.