They seized the Coqui band bazooka, 12 bullets and 1 Barret rifle

A Bazooka, a Barret rifle and 12 bullets are part of the war material seized from the criminal organization that operates on Cota 905, according to reports from security agencies.  

In a makeshift warehouse located on Cota 905, officials found a Venezuelan-made Bazuca (portable missile launcher) as well as a Barret rifle equipped with a telescopic sight and with a range of two kilometers, according to experts.   

Since Thursday morning, a public security deployment began with the participation of agents from the Cicpc and the Special Action Force (Faes), among other police forces. During the afternoon-night of Thursday, the different commissions of uniformed men advanced towards Cota 905 in a combat that involved the death of three police officers, according to unofficial figures.   

Late at night, Faes squads had taken over the Las Quintas sector, on the border between La Vega and Cota 905. Minutes later, they arrived at a cockpit where El Coqui and his associates were setting up gallistic challenges with bets in dollars.  

In this advance, several houses that served as logistics to the criminal organization were raided. In a kind of warehouse they found 12 tubes full of bullets for AK-103 and AK-47 rifles. They also located 39 boxes of 25 AK-103 rifle rounds for a total of 975 ammunition.   

The security deployment continues "as long as necessary," informed the Minister of the Interior, Justice and Peace, Carmen Meléndez. 

Raided the house of El Vampi

Security agencies raided the residence of Carlos Calderón alias El Vampi, founder of the criminal organization based on Cota 905.

On the other hand, agents from the El Valle Police Coordination Center dismantled the main sentry box in the El 70 neighborhood, El Valle, territory of Loco Leo, associated with the Banda del Coqui.

It should be noted that the leaders of the criminal organization that operates from Cota 905 have several lairs in El Cementerio (sector and cemetery) from where they communicate with their gariteros and luceros

Technical details of the seized rifle

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