They seize nine drug packages camouflaged in packages of flour

A total of nine drug packages that were transported hidden in Pan flour packages were seized by members of the Bolivarian National Guard in Cojedes and Anzoátegui, according to military sources. 

The first procedure was carried out at the Apartadero Citizen Attention Point, Anzoátegui municipality, Cojedes state, where they held Rocío del Valle Vásquez Blanco, Amarilis del Carmen Espinoza López and Jheisuth Mariana López Camacho, members of the Danielito criminal group, according to the review.  

These women were traveling in a Chevrolet Aveo, license plate AA184BE, from Táchira, bound for the state of Miranda. Inside the vehicle, the military found five packages weighing 1 kilo 117 grams of cocaine hidden in corn flour packages.  

And at the ferry terminal in Puerto La Cruz (Anz), agents from GNB Detachment 521 seized four packages of cocaine that totaled one kilo, placed in four packages of Harina Pan. The drug was transported by Yeritson José Mireles Suarez, Jhon Alexis Valencia Forero and Joseph Valencia Forero, members of the band Los Vampiros, from Cúcuta, Colombia and who were heading to Porlamar (Nue). 

The six detainees were handed over to the Public Ministry for prosecution for illicit drug trafficking.  



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