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Three new arrest warrants for Faes officials in the Cabimas case

The Public Ministry issued three new arrest warrants against FAES officials linked to the case of extrajudicial executions that occurred in Cabimas, Zulia state, where two people were killed, at the headquarters of Guacamaya Tv.

The Attorney General of the Republic, Tarek William Saab, reported that of the nine implicated, two are already arrested and charged with homicide and misuse of firearms. 

It reported that the Public Ministry appointed the 45th prosecutors for Human Rights and 15th for Common Crimes in Zulia, to initiate the investigations, and that the first investigative proceedings have found Chief Officer José Salas, Chief Officer Néstor Olano, responsible. (already charged with qualified homicide and improper use of firearms); Attaché Officer Nerio Alvarez, as well as Attaché Officer Andrés Díaz, Officer José Moreno and Officer José Contreras, for whom an arrest warrant was requested.

"It was determined that the deceased today were on their knees or sitting, thereby ratifying the assumption of execution," said the prosecutor, adding that they received accurate shots at a medium distance of between 4 and 6 meters.

It also specified that Andrés Zacarías was shot twice, while Víctor Torres was shot.

The prosecutor condemns that, "not happy with this, the officials returned to the scene of the event and stole the equipment from the community television station, as well as other property that was in the house."

"For us they are infiltrators, for us they have no police vocation," said the prosecutor.

Saab also indicated that an arrest warrant was requested against Freddy Rafael Deroy Ramírez, Deputy Chief Supervisor of the FAES Zulia and against Deivid Miguel Guerrero Moreno, FAES Zulia Commissioner, for being accomplices in the crime qualified homicide with treachery and association.

These officials "endorsed the criminal actions of the material perpetrators of the facts," he highlighted when questioning that they prepared and signed minutes simulating the commission of a police confrontation to kill the victims.

In this sense, an arrest warrant was also requested against a former prosecutor of the Public Ministry, Jackbe de los Ángeles Galbán Azuage, for the alleged commission of the crimes of concealment and association, who is close to José Salas, head of the group acting in the events .

Galbán -said the prosecutor- «upon learning of the investigation, he appeared at the Faes Zulia facilities, without any authorization or notification to his superiors, in a private vehicle that he left parked at the headquarters and fled the site with the official involved ».

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