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They locate the burned body of a woman

Cicpc investigates the circumstances surrounding the death of Isis Carolina Mendoza

Cicpc agents lifted the body of Isis Carolina Mendoza Escalona (38) that was found in the La Grasa garbage dump located in Guacara (Carabobo), according to police reports.

The body was stuffed into a tube covered with debris. He had burns, according to preliminary versions. Passersby located the body and notified the victim's mother who went to the scene.

The people who originally recognized the body were detained by the scientific police, whose detectives subjected them to interrogations with a view to clarifying the fact.
Isis Carolina was reported missing two weeks ago.

In another event, the 2nd Control Court of Monagas issued a 30-year prison sentence against Elvis Rafael Tocuyo, who was found guilty of the crimes of sexual violence and aggravated femicide.

The subject abused a minor under 13 years of age, an event that occurred in Magozal de La Puente, Maturín (Monagas) on 18/12/23. He then murdered her by arson according to investigations.

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