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They investigate the murder of two Venezuelan barbers in Colombia

They presume hitman for the similarity of both crimes

Two Venezuelan barbers were shot to death presumably by contract killers in the commercial center of the Fortul municipality in the border department of Arauca in Colombia.

Apparently it is about the Venezuelans Heyner Ramírez and Víctor Hernández, since the identification has not yet been confirmed by the Colombian authorities.

The Colombian national police seeks to determine if there is any relationship between the two acts of blood, since the victims exercised the same profession, since, as it has transpired, unofficially, they were barbers, says the media NewsCol.

In addition, officials are investigating whether these two crimes, although they happened separately, are related, since the victims were attacked while they were buying some groceries on Sunday, June 12.

As for the manner in which the homicides were perpetrated, the journalist Gonzalo Orduz de @Go_masnews, published that the events occurred when the clock marked approximately 8:00 at night.

At that time, the gunmen approached the first victim on Calle 7 with Carrera 17 in the Ramírez neighborhood in the central area of ​​the aforementioned Araucanian municipality.

Apparently, without saying a word, one of them pulled out a firearm and shot him in the head, killing him instantly.

Everything points to the fact that in this case it was Heyner Ramírez, because according to reports, he left behind a minor child and at the time of the attack he was carrying a bag with diapers that were left next to his body.

Next, the murderers entered a supermarket, located on the same block as the sector. In that commercial premises, the other young barber was doing some shopping. At close range they ambushed him and fired repeatedly, leaving him dead instantly. It would be Víctor Hernández.

The president of the Special Commission to Investigate Crimes against Venezuelan Migrants of the National Assembly (AN), deputy Julio Chavez, points out that between 2016 and 2021, 611 environmentalists, 276 signatories of the peace agreements, 753 social leaders and 1.279 Venezuelan migrants.


  1. 250+ Venezuelans murdered at close range a year is a disgrace that only happens in Colombia. Duque has to pay for this since he is not only a promoter but he never took pre-captive measures and he did not persecute the murderous caliches either.
    We know that the Colombian diaspora to Venezuela is 10 times greater than that from Venezuela to Colombia. Here everything is given to migrants for free to cover their needs, but in Colombia they give lead to Venezuelans.
    Duque has to pay for this because the narco thief asked for and received hundreds of millions of dollars to help Venezuelans in Colombia and he stole it and allows them to kill them.
    The victims are precisely chosen by the assassins because more than 60% of those migrants from Venezuela are Colombians and their children who returned (but there are still more than 5 million here in Venezuela that nobody wants to kill).

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