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Four police officers arrested for shooting a teenager in Carapita

The officials attacked in a "disproportionate manner" a group of motorized young people who were doing pirouettes, according to community testimonies

Four officials of the Bolivarian National Police (PNB) were arrested for their alleged participation in the attack on a group of motorized riders who were doing pirouettes in Carapita, Antimano, according to versions obtained from the citizen security agency.

The events occurred on Saturday night, when four agents assigned to the Organized Crime Division of the PNB, stumbled upon a group of boys doing motorcycle stunts in the Santa Ana de Carapita sector.  

It was then that one of the four uniformed officers shot and wounded in the head a 17-year-old teenager, who was in the group of motorcycle-pirouettes.

Subsequently, the officials involved proceeded to seize five motorcycles.

Neighbors and relatives took the boy to a health center where he was operated on, according to sources.

Spokespersons for the organized structures of that Caracas community reported to the PNB and its authorities, which sent a commission to the site to investigate the events.

During the investigations, the officials were received by the community where they collected five testimonies that pointed out “an arbitrary and disproportionate attitude” of the four officials who attacked the motorcycle riders, the sources explained.

The investigative group prepared a preliminary report that was sent to the high command of the PNB, from where they ordered the capture of the four officials identified in the violent incident and handed them over to the Cicpc for the respective investigation.

The detainees were identified as Leudis Armando Freites Ulloa, Emerson Jhorjan Delgado Azuaje, Eninyer Sosa and Enrique Pacheco.

Parallel to this, the organized groups of the Santa Ana sector requested a meeting with the PNB to discuss the matter. In that sense, the directors of the Polinacional placed the meeting on the agenda for next week due to the impact that the event caused the community. “Here we are not going to accept that; We are going to ask the communities that if they observe an irregular event with our officials, they proceed to report it,” commented a PNB director. 

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