Sports coach charged with multiple sexual abuse

Dalgui Rafael Bello Bermúdez (38), a sports coach captured in La Guaira, was charged with sexual abuse of adolescents with penetration aggravated to a degree of continuity, among other crimes, sources from the judicial system said.  

The coach's presentation hearing was held at the 2nd Control Court of La Guaira, located in the Palace of Justice of that entity. The president of that Judicial Circuit, Jaime Velásquez, appeared in the courtroom to check compliance with the biosafety regulations issued by the Plenary Chamber of the Supreme Court of Justice.  

Once the hearing began, a representative of the Public Ministry took the floor who stated that they had received several complaints from victims to whom this person applied a kind of extortion consisting of forcing them to have sexual relations in exchange for giving them opportunities in soccer competitions in the parish Caruao. The allegedly abused are between 14 and 16 years old. 

During the hearing, the defendant took the floor to admit that he had relations with a young man but "by mutual agreement."  

The Public Ministry also charged the detainee with the crime of sexual abuse of an adolescent without penetration, aggravated in degree of continuity with multiple victims. The Court accepted the prequalification raised by the Prosecutor's Office, decreed the deprivation of liberty and ordered the detainee to be confined in the Rodeo II Judicial Confinement Center.  

Now the 45 days that the Public Ministry has to conclude the investigation and present a proposal to the Control Court that includes the eventual opening of a trial, as established in the Criminal Procedure Code, have begun to run. 


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