Prosecutor will investigate events that occurred on the border with Colombia

The Public Ministry (MP) appointed two prosecutors on Friday to investigate the events that occurred in the town of La Victoria, Apure state, on March 22, reported the Attorney General, Tarek William Saab, reported AVN.

They are prosecutors with competence in human rights who will work in "coordination with the Strategic Operational Commander of the Bolivarian National Armed Forces (Ceofanb), Remigio Ceballos," the prosecutor specified.

It was on the 22nd when FANB troops neutralized Colombian armed groups in Apure state, killing one of the group's leaders, known as El Nando.

They captured 32 subjects, destroyed six camps, seized weapons, ammunition, explosives, war supplies, vehicles and drugs; In the operation, two officers were killed and several wounded.

In this regard, Saab indicated that if evidence is found of the commission of punishable acts committed by State security officials, they will proceed to initiate the corresponding sanctions.

Before the action of the Public Ministry, the Minister of Popular Power for Defense, Vladimir Padrino López, thanked the appointments made by the Attorney General for the investigation of the events that occurred in the south of the state of Apure, "The comprehensive approach of the Venezuelan State in a issue that affects our national sovereignty is key, "he said on his Twitter social network account.

Earlier, the Colombian ombudsman, Carlos Camargo, admitted that the inhabitants of La Victoria, in Apure state, were displaced by irregular groups from the neighboring country.

Camargo explained that the displaced families left their homes, “as a result of intimidation and intimidation by the irregular forces.

For his part, the Minister of Defense, g / j Vladimir Padrino López, reported through his Twitter account that the Venezuelan State will comprehensively address the issue of national sovereignty.

“The integral approach of the Venezuelan State in a matter that affects our national sovereignty is key. Thank you very much Attorney General @TarekWiliamSaab. His performance will give greater transparency to everything that happens in the south of the state of Apure ", reads the message.



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