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Minister Carmen Meléndez: The State is fulfilling its constitutional functions

The Minister for Interiors, Justice and Peace, Carmen Meléndez, reported through her social networks that the Venezuelan State is "fulfilling its constitutional functions." And based on this, "it has decided to carry out an operation with the Citizen Security organizations, to restore Peace and tranquility in the communities of the South and West of the city of Caracas."  

Through her Twitter account, Meléndez released a series of comments related to the deployment that began this Thursday morning in Caracas aimed at containing the action of the criminal organization led by Carlos Calderón (El Vampi), Carlos Revette (El Coqui) and Garbys Ochoa (El Garbys), who have ordered shooting at police headquarters since last Wednesday.  

“At this moment, Citizen Security organizations are confronting these armed, murderous, terrorist gangs. We continue to advance until we achieve Peace and definitive tranquility for these communities, ”the Minister reported at 6 pm this Thursday.  

Meléndez classified the negative organizations whose base of operations is Cota 905 as "structured groups of organized crime that have systematically attacked our society, intimidating, injuring and murdering innocent people."  

The also sector vice president of Citizen Security asked the population for information to find the whereabouts and achieve the capture of the leaders of the gangs. Such information can be provided by calling VEN911, said the Minister.  

She indicated that these groups have "direct complicity, financing and collaboration, with planning, supply of arms, communicational support, by sectors of the Venezuelan Right, with international complicity."  

Meléndez thanked "the uniformed people, our heroes and heroines of the Citizen Security and Peace organizations, who, putting fear on their backs, are once again demonstrating their vocation of service to protect and safeguard the families of our Homeland."  

She described the behavior of the residents of Caracas as a “new demonstration of the conscience, of the historical strength and the loyalty of a people, lovers of Peace and that do not kneel before the pretensions of isolated criminal groups that sow violence, hatred and terror in our communities ”.