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Courts Inspectorate puts a magnifying glass in the Palace of Justice of Caracas

The Caracas Criminal Judicial Circuit has been without a leader since last Friday when its president, Cristóbal Cornielles, was arrested

The General Inspectorate of Courts activated a special plan to exercise comptrollership in the Palace of Justice of Caracas, where the capital's criminal courts operate.

The information was disclosed by Gladys Requena, Inspector General of Courts, who reported that this Monday morning "we set up ourselves for special inspections in the presidency of the Criminal Judicial Circuit, two courts of appeals and the Office of Custody and Protection of Files with Orders of Capture”.

Requena posted photos on his Twitter site where he can be seen walking the corridors of the Palace of Justice in Caracas. “Ethics and morals high. Let's defeat the anti-values," wrote Requena.

The Caracas Criminal Judicial Circuit has been without a leader since last Friday when its president was arrested, Christopher Cornielles, for his alleged connection with the release of Oswaldo José Cheremos Carrasquel, a member of the Tren del Llano, as reported at the time by the Strategic Operational Command of the Bolivarian National Armed Forces (Ceofanb).

In addition to Cornielles, José Maxcimino Márquez García, 4th Anti-Terrorist Judge, who granted the precautionary measure that placed on the streets Cheremos Carrasquel between January 9 and February 15, the day he was recaptured inside the facilities of the Palace of Justice in Caracas.

Apparently, Cheremos Carrasquel paid $240, including vehicles and troops, to obtain this precautionary measure, according to investigations.

The accusation. The Public Ministry accused Cheremos Carrasquel for the crimes of terrorism, association and illicit trafficking of weapons of war. This accusation was debated on January 9 before the 4th Antiterrorist Court where its head, Márquez García, dismissed the crime of terrorism, modified it for concealment in the crime of terrorism and ordered to open a trial in freedom. The Public Ministry did not appeal the precautionary measure agreed by Márquez in favor of Cheremos Carrasquel, explained a judicial source.  


  1. my son along with 3 friends, the nationals detained their motorcycles for allegedly prohibited maneuvers, on December 4, 2022. and they still have their motorcycles detained, which they use to work and the prosecutor in the case does not give answers as to when they are going to release the bikes Every time they approach to request an answer they are treated badly. a great injustice what we Venezuelans live

  2. alberto castellano if my son has been in prison for 9 years and they have no evidence and they do not prosecute him and he is innocent of 90 percent of what he is accused of and there is no justice

  3. It is never too late when justice arrives, I live firsthand the actions of this delinquent judge, my children have been in prison for more than 2 years without evidence only because of his decision and the consent of the public ministry. They asked me for 10 thousand to release them.

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