The training plan for civil judges started from the Supreme Court

Judge Yván Darío Bastardo Flores installed on Wednesday the training and updating plan for all judges of the civil jurisdiction who were connected via telematics, sources from the Judicial Power said.  

Once the event was installed, Judge Bastardo Flores, president of the Civil Chamber of the Supreme Court of Justice, introduced his colleague Carmen Zuleta de Merchán, a member of the Constitutional Chamber of the country's highest court and who participated as a speaker.  

That first class led by Zuleta dealt with the constitutional guarantees of the telematic process, this as a result of the biosafety measures adopted by the Judicial Power to prevent the spread of covid-19 but at the same time guarantee judicial activities.  

"The implementation of telematic means not only simplifies access to justice for the defendants, but also guarantees the principle of procedural speed," said the magistrate during her class.  

They were also connected via online, the other speakers of the training plan, mostly rectors of national universities, who will address various topics in the next few hours.   


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