GNB detains a woman with drug smuggling in Clarines

The case was placed at the order of the Public Ministry.

Officials from the Bolivarian National Guard (GNB) apprehended a woman at a citizen care point located in Troncal 9, who was illegally transporting 2.266 capsules in drug blisters.

The head of the 52 Zone Command, Brigadier General Víctor Catamo Lisboa, reported that the procedure was carried out by officials from Detachment 522 at the Citizen Service Point in Clarines, western Anzoátegui state.

The apprehended citizen was identified as Luzmary Espín de Chirinos, 30, who was transporting the medicine containers in a private vehicle without having legal documentation for the introduction of the drugs into the national territory.

He detailed that 800 tablets of Ibuprofen, 80 of Omeprazole, 140 of Metrodinazol, 290 of Amocixilin, 176 of Losartan, 300 of Acetaminophen, 390 of Loratadine and 90 of Loperan were retained.

The case was placed at the order of the Public Ministry. 



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