GNB arrested 4 people for smuggling medicines in Bolívar

Three men and a woman were arrested in the Los Pijiguaos town of the General Manuel Cedeño municipality, Bolívar state, for smuggling drugs, reported G / B Adolfo Rodríguez Cepeda, commander of GNB Zone No. 62.

Members of Detachment No. 626 arrested Ronald Gabriel Gutíerrez Peña, 30, Nelson Emiliano Rojas Arteaga, Yonny Fernando Gomez, both 29, and Francelis Liliana Romero Roman, 23. Young people moved as passengers in a public transport unit.

They brought with them: ninety (90) 800mg Ibuprofen blister, thirty-five (35) 500mg Amoxicillin blister, five (05) 500mg Cephalexin blister, eighty (80) 50mg Diclofenac blister, one hundred and twenty (120) 500 mg Acetaminophen blister, eighty (80) 10 mg Loratadine blister, thirty (30) B-complex blister, one hundred and twenty (120) 50 mg Losartan blister, seven (07) units of Pediatric Acetaminophen in 90 ml Syrup, one (01) unit of Pediatric Ambroxol in 120 ml Syrup, two (02) units of Pediatric Ibuprofen in 120 ml Syrup, two (02) blister of Nifedipine of 10 mg, four (04) blister of Clotrimazole of 500 mg and ten (10) blister of Loperamide of 02 mg, without documentation.

Confrontation in El Callao

La GNB neutralizo a alias el «Come Gato» y capturó dos integrantes del Grupo Estructurado de Delincuencia Organizada, GEDO «El Perú» en El Callao, tras un enfrentamiento generado en un operativo de patrullaje y profilaxia en el sector Finlandia de El Perú, municipio El Callao, donde resultó muerto alias «Come Gato» integrante del grupo delictivo «El Perú».

At the scene of the events, a (01) pistol-type firearm, Browning cal. 9 mm, was recovered, without visible serial numbers, a (01) magazine with five (05) unexpired cartridges and five (05) sheaths.

El comandante Rodríguez, señaló que fueron detenidos; Julio César Barrios Martínez, alías «El Julio» y Alberto Garban González, alias «El Jíbaro», distribuidores de drogas y cobradores de vacunas del mencionado GEDO.

Sixty-four (64) packages of alleged Super Marijuana weighing one hundred and twenty-five (125 grams) and two (02) notebooks used to record their extortion and other criminal actions were seized from them.


GNB officials in the municipal market of Chirica, located in San Félix, arrested the young Omar José Fernández Palma, with twenty-seven (27) packages of alleged drug, called Marihuana, weighing approximately six (6) grams.

All the procedures were left to the order of the Public Ministry.



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