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Firefighters responded to a fire in several homes in Petare

Due to the incident, five homes were devoured by flames.

This Thursday, members of the Caracas fire department carried out efforts to extinguish a fire in a house of empirical construction, spreading to other houses with the same characteristics.

The information was announced by the general commander of the Caracas fire department, Pablo Antonio Palacios, through a post published on his X account.

According to information from neighbors and officials from the Fire Department of the Sucre municipality, the fire was allegedly caused by a short circuit generated in one of the homes, which spread to neighboring homes, due to its construction with wood and Zinc facilitated the spread of flames.

Regarding this event, the colonel of the Fire Department, Dennis Chirinos, commented that the quick intervention of the officials allowed the flames to be quenched and, subsequently, the affected parts to cool down.

Chrinos added that at the time of the firefighting intervention, no person had been injured or affected by the fire.

Neighbors of Corazón del Pueblo reported that this is not the first time that events of this type have occurred in the area.

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