Eleven policemen incarcerated for misplacing a pistol

Reference photo

Eleven police officers were arrested for the loss of a Beretta PX4 pistol, sources from the Bolivarian National Police (PNB) said.  

The incident occurred at the police station located in La Encrucijada, Cagua, Aragua state. The firearm was reported missing on Wednesday, April 7.  

Among the detained uniformed men are Chief Commissioner Jesús López Prato as well as supervisors Grimaldo Omar García Navarro and Aron Josué Granado Sarabia. Officers Ana Paola Doria Gómez, Geraldine Vismar Fernández Morales, Jessie Rafael Abreu Sánchez, José Leonardo Jiménez Díaz, Yenifer Josefina Escalona Escalona, ​​Yaritza del Carmen Moreno Salcedo, Cristian Josehp Sánchez Maestre and César Eloy Pinto Pineda are also detained. The civilian Andrés Pérez Jiménez was also detained. 

The detainees were handed over to the Public Ministry. 



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