Clandestine runway detected with a burned-out aircraft in the South of the Lake

A mixed commission of the Bolivarian National Guard, after intensive investigation, intelligence and scrutiny, managed to find a new unauthorized lead for the alleged drug trafficking. In addition to finding a charred aircraft, this is how a press release from the military institution describes it. 

The military operation was carried out, as part of the joint and comprehensive action exercises “Bolivarian Shield Supreme Commander Hugo Rafael Chávez Frías”, with the participation of more than 100 personnel from the Detachment of Rural Commands 119, the Uría-11 and the Army Battalion 123. Venezuelan. 

The G / B Alberto Fermín Ulisse, Commander of the Bolivarian National Guard Zulia, highlighted that the track was found in the Jesús María Semprún municipality, which has an approximate length of 30 meters wide by 2.400 meters long. 

Fermín Ulisse detailed that this new runway was disabled and in the operation a neutralized aircraft was located, initials PT-OAH, presumably Beechcraft brand, model 95-B55, 70 percent burned.

Military personnel remain in the area to determine to which organization this aircraft belonged.

This new runway was disabled and in the operation a neutralized aircraft, initials PT-OAH, was located.


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