Cicpc rescued baby kidnapped from Guariqueño hospital

Cicpc agents rescued an eight-day-old baby who had been taken from the “José Francisco Torrealba” hospital located in Altagracia de Orituco (Guárico).  

According to the information published in the Cicpc networks, María Alejandra Ynfante Birriel (30) was arrested for the fact, who took the baby at dawn last Monday.   

The woman took the child from the aforementioned medical center and took him to her residence located in the Las Lomas de Paso Real village, Macaira parish.  

María Alejandra was in the Gracitano hospital taking care of a relative, a circumstance that she took advantage of to plan the extraction of the baby. Apparently the woman had suffered the loss of a child.  

At least 15 workers from the Guariqueño hospital were questioned at the Cicpc. 


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