Carmen Meléndez inspects Caracas police stations

The Minister for Interiors and Justice, Carmen Meléndez, began a series of visits to police stations in Caracas on Thursday. In that sense, Meléndez went yesterday to the police coordination centers of the El Recreo and San Agustín parishes.  

“The inspections of the police coordination allow us to supervise the functioning of the Peace Quadrants and evaluate their action maps. The vision is that each of these organizations for Citizen Security and Peace be a point of articulation with the Popular Power ”, explained the Minister in the middle of the activity.  

Meléndez indicated that the visits to those two police establishments gave him the opportunity to listen to the officials about their needs and requirements. 

The Minister spoke with the police chiefs about the need to work jointly with the organized community. "We have given instructions so that in each Peace Quadrant and police coordination a situational room works that allows the organized people to have a connection with the Bolivarian National Police to maximize the efficiency of the Citizen Security agencies," said Meléndez, who is also Sector Vice President. for Citizen Security and Peace.  



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