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Captured subject who killed ex-partner

This crime occurred this Friday in Mamera, La Acequia sector, Antímano

Cicpc agents, assigned to the Homicide Investigations Division, arrested Luis Aguilera (44), accused by witnesses of having killed his ex-partner Carmen Rosa Galindo (45) with a firearm.

This crime occurred this Friday in Mamera, La Acequia sector, Maximiliano Carrillo stairs, adjacent to the La Gran Victoria court, Antímano parish, Libertador municipality, Caracas, the Cicpc reports in a publication posted on Instagram.

The woman was walking with her son through the aforementioned place when she was intercepted by Aguilera, who after shouting expletives at Carmen, proceeded to draw a firearm with which he seriously injured her. After that, Aguilera fled. The woman was taken by her family to a public health center where she died after her admission.


Deepening the criminalistic work, it was determined that the detainee was harassing the victim, since he did not accept the emotional breakup. That is why Carmen decided to report it last Friday at the Caricuao Municipal Delegation of the Cicpc.

The subject was subject to a measure of removal from Carmen agreed by a court.
After a search for the feminicide, it was learned that the man had been transferred to the Miguel Pérez Carreño Hospital, since after having taken the life of his ex-partner he fled the scene of the event towards the upper part of the sector, where he was approached by several criminals who stripped him of the firearm with which he committed the crime, but not before shooting him, says the Cicpc report.

The subject fled the hospital and yesterday he was found on the public road, which is why he was transferred again to the Pérez Carreño hospital by officials of the Bolivarian National Police (PNB).

There he remained in police custody and under the order of the Flagrancy Prosecutor's Office of the Public Ministry.

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