Captured in Guárico, supplier of ammunition to irregular groups

Díaz maintained contact by telephone with irregular groups that operate on the Colombian-Venezuelan border

Roberto Antonio Díaz, allegedly a supplier of arms and ammunition to Colombian irregular groups, was captured by members of the Bolivarian National Guard (GNB), according to the version of military reports.  

Díaz was arrested at the Citizen Service Point located at the entrance of El Sombrero, a town located in the central area of ​​Guárico. The man was moving around in a silver-colored, Ford-made, Fiesta model, sedan-type vehicle, AB942UO plates, in the back seat of which he was carrying 20 7,62X51 caliber cartridges that fit rifles. 

They also seized a cell phone from Díaz where they confirmed conversations with members of irregular groups that operate on the Colombian-Venezuelan border. Díaz was handed over to the Public Ministry. 

Venezuela Bridge

In another procedure, members of the GNB Detachment 116 stationed at the Bridge over Lake Maracaibo (Zul), detained two individuals identified as Santiago Nicolás Carreño Pavón and John Ernesto Jaimes Cáceres, from whom they seized a fragmentary grenade, brand Comp Gr M423, batch 1984 and a Fire Star brand pistol, caliber 9 mm, serial 1915850, with a magazine containing five cartridges. 

Carreño and Jaimes were traveling in a Keeway vehicle, model Owen QJ-150, red, plate AD9B77P. 

Subjects seized a grenade and a 9mm pistol


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