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Attorney General will meet with his Colombian counterpart this Wednesday

Tarek Wiliam Saab revealed that the meeting will allow progress in the "conspiratorial acts" from Colombian soil against the peace of the Republic

The Attorney General of the Republic, Tarek Wiliam Saab, reported this Tuesday that tomorrow (Wednesday) he will hold a “telematic” meeting with his Colombian counterpart, the Attorney General of that nation, Luz Adriana Camargo Garzón, in which they would address the latest events regarding the fact that factors of the Venezuelan extremist opposition contacted the Self-Defense Forces of the Sierra (UCSN), to “attack the electrical infrastructure, act against the candidate president Nicolás Maduro, act in case he is re-elected infiltrating protests and creating chaos in the streets.”

Tarek Wiliam Saab, when offering a balance of such events, pointed out that the meeting will allow progress in the “conspiratorial events” from Colombian soil against the peace of the Republic. “Action against what it means to generate violence and bloodshed in our country through terrorism and weapons. "We are not going to allow it."

The head of the Public Ministry (MP) indicated that sectors of the national and international right "try to trivialize this fact," while highlighting how "he speaks positively about the MP and the prosecutor's office because we are talking about a serious event that does not deserve to be trivialized. He deserves to be condemned, because Venezuela managed, through justice and multiform State actions, to have a climate of peace and coexistence that we cannot allow to be disturbed.”

It is worth remembering that on July 5, the so-called UCSN, a Colombian paramilitary group, denounced to public, national and international opinion that its units in the department of La Guajira have been contacted by extreme right-wing groups in Venezuela, to destabilize the government. of the Republic of Venezuela.

They made the information known through a statement published on their social networks where they explained that the interlocutors have made all kinds of requests, including causing chaos throughout the national territory.

About, The Conquering Self-Defense Forces of the Sierra stated that: "Our organization does not get involved in the internal affairs of other countries, our organization must and has the purpose of maintaining order in the Sierra Nevada, we will contact the diplomatic authorities of Venezuela to disclose details of the information disclosed."

“The MP goes to your Community”,

The statements were made by Saab during the event “The MP goes to your Community”, held in the Plaza Bolívar de Baruta in the state of Miranda, where 375 people were treated, receiving complaints related to issues related to the protection of Human Rights and justice in the country. 

Among the criminal complaints are: disturbance, invasion, misappropriation, fraud, injuries, abuse of authority, gender violence, corruption and theft, totaling 59.

During the “The Public Ministry goes to your Community” event from Plaza Bolívar in Baruta (Miranda state), the head of the criminal action said that since August 2022, 45.017 people have been served throughout the national territory and Of these, 5.224 complaints of a criminal nature were obtained.
With respect to “The Public Ministry Attends your Complaint in the Parish” (started in January of this year), 7.589 people have been assisted. The sum of both street programs shows a total of 130.772 complaints to date; of which 6.892 are criminal in nature.

“I always ask whoever approaches to file a complaint to never simulate a punishable act to harm someone or invent something, because they force the Public Ministry to open lines of investigation that result in something negative without means of proof,” analyzed the senior official.

Regarding the day held in the Baruta municipality, he reported that 86 officials were deployed; among them 9 general directors, 32 line directors and 41 prosecutors from the Caracas Metropolitan Area.

375 people were treated; 59 of these made criminal complaints for disturbance, misappropriation, gender violence, theft and corruption; among others.

For their part, 275 people were given guidance; Among them, 81 were cases that were not criminal in nature and 99 were referred to other organizations. Also, 95 people with neighborhood coexistence problems were registered.
Additionally, 35 requests for expediting cases were attended to and six requests for social assistance were processed.

“What was opacity and inaction in the past on the part of the Public Ministry was forgotten forever in the country with permanent and consistent action in our work to do justice,” said Saab.

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