Artisanal drug laboratory dismantled in Cota 905

In the framework of Operation Gran Cacique Guaicaipuro, the national anti-drug superintendent, M / G Richard López Vargas, reported that the National Anti-Drug Directorate of the Bolivarian National Police Corps (Cpnb), managed to dismantle a laboratory for drug processing in La Cota 905, El Paraíso parish in Caracas.

According to the website of this institution, this laboratory - in which amphetamines and the drug called "perico" were produced - was located in a "sentry box" type house in Callejón Vargas de la Cota 905, with a line of sight to the Helicoide headquarters of Cpnb and towards areas of the El Cementerio parish in Caracas. From this place the criminal groups that operated in the sector hid and fired at the population and the security agencies.

López Vargas asserted that this finding was achieved as a result of the scrutiny, investigation and recovery of the spaces, in line with an integral action that is being carried out throughout Cota 905 as part of Operation Gran Cacique Indio Guaicaipuro from the point of view social and police.

He affirmed that during the operation several pieces of evidence of criminal interest were detected that were used by criminal gangs, which improvised with the mixture of controlled chemical substances to generate the greatest possible damage to the human body.

The sodium bicarbonate or coca base paste found came from the Republic of Colombia, “here (Laboratory) had the heater, the extractor and the base paste for drug processing, as well as the firearms to guarantee the security of these structured organized crime groups, "said the superintendent.

He highlighted that the union of these substances seriously affects the nervous and neurological system of those who consume it, "therefore they generate an unusual behavior and disconnected from reality, it is precisely what these criminals are looking for to destroy the youth" and make them act aggressively against state security agencies.

López Vargas affirmed that the State forces continue on Cota 905 serving the communities, “the National Anti-Drug Fund (Fona) is rescuing sports spaces and meetings with the Great Mission Bases and the Great Mission Barrio Nuevo Barrio are still active. Tricolor to comprehensively address all the spaces of Cota 905 ”.



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