7 criminals from the Wilexis gang and 2 from Cota 905 arrested

Photo: Press Ministry of Interior Relations, Justice and Peace

During Operation Great Indian Chief Guaicaipuro, deployed in Petare, this Saturday, it was learned that 9 criminals who faced the Security Forces deployed in the parish were arrested; 7 of them correspond to the Wilexis criminal gang and 2 criminals come from Cota 905, reported the Deputy Minister of Prevention and Citizen Security, G / D Endes Palencia.

He stressed that officials from different State Security Bodies participated in this operation with the aim of guaranteeing peace and tranquility to the inhabitants of Petare, a press release refers.

He explained that the data and all the details related to the identification of 460 people were verified through the Integrated Police Information System.

He added that 6 people were arrested in flagrante delicto during the day, 21 requested were also identified, "including 8 criminals who have a record and request for qualified homicide, robbery, kidnapping and extortion."

Six Colombian citizens were detained who stated that they did not possess any type of documentation "the respective coordination is being established with our Administrative Service of Immigration and Immigration Identification for the corresponding procedures," he said.

Seized Armaments

"As a result of this security deployment, 15 weapons were seized, including pistols, revolvers, as well as everything related to the seizure of cartridges," he said. 

62 packages of alleged drug called "krispy" were also seized, which were placed at the order of different organs involved in the operation, "as well as we have a portable telephone and portable radios, a recovered vehicle and a motorcycle."

The G / D Palencia stressed that all detained persons will be placed at the order of the Public Prosecutor's Office to carry out the corresponding judicial survey and the full weight of the law will be applied to them. 



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