5 kidnappers captured in Bolívar and Zulia

Five members of organizations dedicated to kidnapping were detained by the Bolivarian National Guard, according to military reports.

Three of the detainees were located in the Santa Inés sector, El Callao municipality (Bolívar) and were registered as Johan José Cupare Hernández (El Pollo), Kelly Esmelis Hernández Guzmán (El Turco) and Yoan Alberto Maita Martínez (El Gato).

The subjects are members of the criminal group Los Piratas. They seized a shotgun, 12 gauge, Laredo brand, serial AE028 and a 380 pistol, Colt brand, model Caballito, serial RR20818. The aforementioned gang specializes in brief kidnapping, theft of private vehicles, assault on passers-by who circulate on UD338 and Simón Bolívar highway at the height of the Distributor of Plan No. 4 of the Siderúrgica del Orinoco, according to investigations. 

And in the Punta de Piedra (Zulia) checking point, the military detained the brothers Alejandro David and Manuel Salvador Cordero Terán, who were traveling in a public transport vehicle on the Cabimas-Maracaibo line.

The Cordero Terán brothers are part of the Yeiko Massacre criminal organization. They possessed two non-industrially manufactured firearms and fifty 9mm ammunition.

The detainees were already charged by the Public Ministry.


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