They seized 23 identity cards from a criminal group

The Bolivarian National Guard (GNB) detained three individuals from whom 23 identity cards were seized, according to military reports. 

The operation was carried out in the central town of Valera (Truj) where Jean Carlos Simancas Rangel, Yurayma Carolina Rodríguez González and Hebret Leonardo Graterol Avendaño, members of the El Cagón Structured Organized Crime Group, founded by Darwin Antonio Rivas García, were arrested.   

This group uses the aforementioned identity cards to fraudulently acquire cellular mobile equipment and SIM Cards in telephone stores and then deliver the referred equipment to members of the aforementioned criminal structure.  

During the arrest of the three men, $ 330, 23 laminated Venezuelan identity cards, 47 copies of identity cards, two laptops, two CPUs, a DVR and four cell phones were seized from them. The procedure was notified to the Public Ministry. 



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