Arrested in Cojedes 2 subjects who were transporting alleged marijuana

Members of the Bolivarian National Guard in Cojedes state managed to arrest two citizens who were allegedly transporting 22 marijuana packages in a vehicle.

The arrest was achieved at the control point assigned to Detachment No. 322 of the GNB Zone Command No. 32 Cojedes, located in the Tinaquillo municipality, where citizens Luis Puerta Jaime and Olinto de Jesús Rosales were detained.

At the time of the arrest, the now detainees were traveling in a private Isuzu vehicle, type truck, Caribbean model, plate: A6353DM, from Santa Bárbara de Barinas to the city of Maracay, Aragua state, in the same they were transporting 22 containing packages in their interior of plant remains, with a strong and penetrating smell which is presumed to be a drug called cannabis satin, known as marijuana.

The total weight of the seizure was 16 kilos 770 grams of the alleged drug which was hidden inside the vehicle's fuel tank.

The citizens were detained for being involved in one of the crimes typified and sanctioned in the Criminal Law on Drugs, for which they were placed at the command of the Ninth Prosecutor's Office on drugs of the Public Ministry of the Judicial District of Cojedes.



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