10 arrested for smuggling iron into UDO vehicles

A total of 10 people were detained by the Bolivarian National Guard for transporting 1.250 kilos of iron in vehicles from the Universidad de Oriente (UDO), according to military reports.  

The procedure was carried out by members of the Urban Security Detachment (Desur) corresponding to Sucre state, who patrolled the Los Molinos de Cumaná (Suc) sector. At the site, the military seized 1.250 kilos of iron that were transported in various UDO vehicles.  

The detainees are identified as Israel Rafael Rondón Cabeza, Ronald José García Rojas, Domingo Antonio López Urbaneja, Víctor David Pinel Stevenson, Jorge Luis Salazar Gómez, José Rafael Arcia Villalba, Eduardo José Betancourt Córdova, Rafael José Rivas Córdova, Mario José Blondell Cabello and Enrique Alejandro Álvarez López, members of Los Chatarreros, classified by security agencies as a Structured Group of Organized Crime.  

The subjects were handed over to the Public Ministry where they opened a procedure for smuggling the extraction of strategic material.  



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