Street theater brings awareness about the covid in La Guaira

The initiative covers shopping centers, transport units and public stops / Photo: Jesús Gazzaneo

Characters such as La Muerte, El Rey Herodes and emblematic of La Guaira, took to the streets and social networks, to carry awareness messages about biosafety and staying at home, given the increase in cases of covid-19 in the entity.

This initiative of local artists, the Vargas Theater Network and institutions such as the Crime Prevention Directorate (DPD) or the Foundation for Cultural and Tourist Development of Vargas (Fundesvargas), has gained greater strength, thanks to ingenuity, creativity and putting into scene and message, such as "he wears the mask, Death does not distinguish between race, creed, color or sex."

Evelyn Rodríguez, Municipal coordinator of DPD, indicated from the Plaza Almirante Luis Brion, Maiquetía parish, that "we are generating awareness in the town with the program" Preventive Culture for Health and Life "through street theater, we remind them of measures Simple such as social distancing, use of a mask, to prevent possible infections by covid-19 ″.

He added that these actions reach commercial areas, transport units and public transport stops, in parishes such as Maiquetía, Catía La Mar, La Guaira and Caraballeda, where there is the highest rate of covid-19 cases. "The objective is to attract people's attention and reflection, from a different point of view," said Rodriguez.

Parodies and messages of reflection are some of the clips or videos on social networks and digital platforms or WhatsApp groups, which have been widely accepted by young people and adults from La Guaira, who carry out the Red Teatral.



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