Min Comercio and private companies agree on prices for medical oxygen

The Ministry of Commerce also met with insurance companies in the country, to establish scales of the clinics

This Thursday, a team from the Ministry of Popular Power for National Commerce led by Minister Eneida Laya, established work tables with private companies and distributors of gas and medicinal oxygen, to agree on fair prices of these essential items in the treatment of patients with covid -19.

The information was shared by the owner of the trading portfolio on her twitter account @EneidaLayaPsuv "We developed a consultation table with private gas and medical oxygen distribution companies to evaluate the prices of these important supplies that are required by patients with covid-19," reads the post on the social network Twitter.

Last March, the body chaired by Laya also met with insurers to regulate the costs of health services in the midst of the pandemic, after receiving complaints from users with complaints about distortions in the prices of care in the clinics.

On that occasion, clinics were exhorted to comply with the accounting, evaluation and cost analysis standards of health care for patients with covid-19.

"We present a Scale created to protect the insurance policies of patients, to serve as a guide and avoid distortions," said the minister.

The National Government remains open to joint work with the private sector, for the benefit of the production and distribution of essential supplies to meet the needs of the Venezuelan people, in terms of health, food, public services, among others.



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