Grandparents are immunized against covid-19 in Caracas (+ Photos)

Reference photo

It is the turn of the elderly to join the vaccination day against covid-19 that the National Government carries out to guarantee the right to health of the Venezuelan people. This is how this Friday vaccination points were installed in seven Caracas hospitals.

The Hospital JM de Los Ríos, Hospital Jesús Yerena (Lídice), Hospital José Gregorio Hernández (Los Magallanes), Hospital Miguel Ángel Rangel (Car), Hospital Miguel Pérez Carreño, University Hospital of Caracas, Hospital Vargas and the Popular Clinic of Caricuao, are the active vaccination points in the city.

The elderly were present at the Miguel Pérez Carreño Hospital to receive immunization against the coronavirus.

Likewise, the cleaning crews continue to disinfect all areas of this busy Sentinel Center, as part of the measures issued by the authorities to cut the chain of contagion of the virus.

The grandparents of the homeland will be summoned to the vaccination days through the Homeland System.



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